High class prostitute casual fling

high class prostitute casual fling

It's pretty eye-opening if you take the time to watch it. In Malcolm X's biography he tells stories of growing up in Harlem. A lot of prostitutes worked in his area of town and he befriended many. The prostitutes would tell him that most of their clients are middle-age, well-off men - many with highly prestigious jobs. They mention that many of their clients visited them because their wives were not very pleasant and would withhold sexual contact from them.

For many clients, they didn't think the sex was the main reason for visiting. Many of the men just wanted to talk with a woman that wouldn't result in an argument. I remember reading one prostitute telling him directly that if wives had sex with their husbands regularly, they would be out of a job.

Nelson69 on Jan 25, I saw the special and I honestly think that's a myth, at least most of the time. It just seems like a rationalization, the guys can tell themselves they can't find a suitable mate and have to pay these women, the women can say and think they're paid for more than just sex, everyone wins, it's not just high dollar prostitution.

To me that's much more logical than a rich, educated guy not being able to find an educated female to converse with. It might be true to some degree but the reason you pay a hooker isn't for the sex, it's for the discretion. Think about it for a second, if she's hot and educated and can be with him in public, why doesn't he just marry her?

He's rich, she wants money, it's almost perfect. Why do they maintain the prostitute and john relationship? Mz on Jan 26, If he wants to keep enjoying a certain quality of experience, marriage may not be the best means to get that. Wives usually stop dressing as well as they did when they were dating. Housework takes more of her time and energy. There are endless jokes about women having no energy for sex after doing housework and raising kids all day.

A prostitute only has to meet that standard during work hours and can then go home, take off her high heels and make-up, and not care what he would think about it because he isn't there anymore to judge her. Nelson69 on Jan 26, Yes but we're not talking about a typical love marriage, are we? Those are things that could be put in a prenuptial agreement. Then to social taboo goes away, "she's his wife.

Years ago, I read a biography of a prostitute. She got married after becoming a prostitute. Very early in the relationship, she told him bluntly that she can go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and get laid with any of her clients and if he didn't have more to offer her, why should she see him? According to the book "More work for mother", homemakers today work about 60 hours a week -- the same as homemakers did years ago.

The book is the history of technology in the home -- ie of "labor saving devices" like vacuum cleaners. Such inventions apparently saved male labor, not female labor.

Vacuum cleaners meant men stopped having to beat the rugs and women took over the task of cleaning rugs. Women who work full time jobs still do 40 hours of housework a week. Men have endeavored to pick up some of the slack. It amounts to them doing, on average, about 10 minutes more a day or an hour and ten minutes a week -- which doesn't begin to make up for the 20 hours of labor she is no longer doing.

But all the statistics and anecdotes I am familiar with indicate that it does typically involve a great deal of domestic labor on the part of the woman. I don't think you can replicate that outcome by removing a wife's domestic duties and replacing her with someone who looks good on your arm and is great in bed. This is likely why we have a historical tradition of wealthy men having both a wife and a mistress: The two women play very different roles in his life. And the two women likely want very different things from the relationship.

Perhaps both would ideally like the same thing. But most people are unable to arrange some ideal relationship. When faced with compromising, different people have different priorities. In short, I think it is a mistake to think that the same woman in different circumstances would have the same thing to offer.

The act of marrying her changes her or at least changes her relationship to him, for good or for ill. If a man likes what he is getting from an escort service, marrying his favorite escort does not mean he will get more of the same. As for social taboos: People still talk when a wealthy man marries a much younger, very beautiful woman. It is generally assumed to be "an arrangement", not love, and still gets frowned upon. It sounds like 'leasing' rather than 'renting', both of which are different than 'buying'.

This is where posting anonymously is beneficial. I have used the services of a higher end escort before. It was completely legal, and despite my hesitations it was a pleasant experience. I had a couple of rules: She couldn't have been forced into it e. I had to trust as best as possible that she'd be discreet 3. She had to have the capacity to do other things with her life. In other words, she wasn't doing this to survive and pay rent. I ended up doing some research and finding an independent escort.

She'd put together her own website. She arranged her own services and she preferred to organize everything by email, but required a phone call from a residential or cell account in order to confirm everything. The independent escorts here have their own database to help protect them from predators e.

So they do collect this information. As I mentioned, this stuff is not illegal up here in Canada, so the cops don't care about seizing that database.

It turns out that up here, it's a lot cheaper to find a higher end escort than it is in the U. I imagine the fact that it's legal means there's a bigger market.

But down south, you're kind of paying for the "I'm risking going to prison" fee. My escort is college-educated, models, occasionally does porn, and is well travelled. I'm generally a curious guy, so we did chat for a bit. Funny enough, I wanted to know what tools she used to build her website. As I was doing my research, I noticed that there appeared to be a standard toolset for these independent escorts.

So she told me a bit about the tools, what she liked about them, etc.. In turn, she wanted to know how I found her, what keywords I searched for in Google to find her, etc..

I asked about the stereotype of guys just wanting to talk and she said for the most part it is not true. What is true she said is that a lot of her encounters are very short.

The guys turn out to be so nervous that it's over quickly, and they're too embarrassed to wait with her so they leave. Most of her clientele are responsible guys according to her.

She wouldn't get any more specific than that, which was nice e. In any event, the initial experience changed the way I look at a lot of things. She was very safe about the act. Condoms were mandatory no matter who her customer was.

She regularly gets tested for sexually transmitted infections. First thing she did was offer up a shower. After, trying to be as sensual about it as possible, she "examined me" for signs of STIs before anything happened. Then she used a disinfectant wipe to clean the groin area for good measure. Most regular women I know are not nearly as thorough and now I really don't trust a lot of them.

I'm not much into casual sex, but let's just say we shouldn't snub our noses at high-end escorts carrying STIs. I think a lot of "average" folk are truly irresponsible about their sexual health now and I'd be way more worried going to bed with a girl I'd met on an online dating site or a bar than I would my particular escort.

She has a blog, uses Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. She's also a bit of a musician. She's pretty much the kind of woman that you'd want to love. The one that chose that other path in life and is happy with it. Not the soccer mom. Of course, this is either incredible or morally unacceptable to some who insist on finding some pathology with it. Even worse, there are plenty of people who insist that virtually all sex workers, including virtually all porn actors, are trafficked and forced to do their work.

In fact, people who hold those misguided beliefs, or want others to think they are true, have posted comments many time in this section of the PT blog.

There are long-term relationships between a courtesan and a client where a friendship and even emotional attachment has developed, but in which money for sex is still exchanged as a matter of support, courtesy, respect, and knowledge that the courtesan depends on it for a living.

Strictly speaking, even some marriages are that way when one person doesn't work. But people would say a marriage is not because there are so many other aspects involved at that point. Well, could it then be said that if a client and escort develop a relationship that has nonsexual aspects, then the money he is paying her is no longer for sex? The same could be asked of a mistress who stays in an apartment paid by a mean. Lots of people always think this is clear-cut. The graph of reasons why someone chooses sex work all have one thing in common.

No girl or teenage girl dreams of being a sex worker when they grow-up to be an adult. Would you tell your boss you hate your job? What percent of the general population is completely satisfied with their work? I would say a large percent dislike or hate their work. I was told face-to-face by an escort that she hated her clients. Even though the environment was on the better end of the spectrum. She still hated it. Her behaviour after knowing her for a year was definitely influenced by mental illness.

It would not a psychologist to see that her behaviour was completely erratic. Sex workers are the women that society left behind.

They are created from a huge gap in gender equality and in demand from the same men that helped create that inequality. Look around, why are the majority of business leaders, political leaders, engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, financial workers mostly men? That skew creates a power imbalance and a financial imbalance that fuels the creation of sex work. Countries with greater gender inequality have greater numbers of sex workers. As well as countries with greater economic desperation.

If we lived in a utopia where every human being had all their needs met there would no longer be a need, supply or demand, for sex work. Theres some truth in what you said but frankly I'm a sex worker and I very much enjoy my job. I wanted to do what I do. I work a 40hr week job and a part time, I make more than enough money and I still do sex work on the side.

Because it can be fun. I genuinely enjoy it. Im glad I made the choice to do it. People like you view sex as bad, like we shouldn't want it or want to do it. There's not always a lover around to play with you though. In a real utopia aex work would be more appreciated.

There would be less viewing of sex as shameful and dirty and more of just realizing its normal to want sex and to want to give it. I genuinely enjoy pleasing others, orgasming, and getting paid in the proccess. So I totally believe these women who say they love their jobs that they really do. I don't need to do sex work at all, yet when I get a moment and someone offers I'm totally up for it.

I believe your feedback is positive Someone I know is feeling down and isolated She needs Not to be encouraged to go back to this job but to have a chat with someone who is calm and realistic about this job and how to accept herself She was high end escort and feels it was not the right choice for her in retrospect But is confused. New research on how men and women judge each other's sexual history. New study examines giving v. Back Find a Therapist. Lessons You Won't Learn In School Here are 10 skills that will clarify your visions and bring you closer to your life goals.

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